Self Storage Unit Sizes Tailored For Every Need

“Wait! I thought you had all sorts of different sizes and options for storage units! How come I only see a few sizes listed here?’

WE DO!! At Pirates Cove we believe in having all sorts of different self-storage options: from extra width and door height to a variety of options for light, electric, and temperature control. Our Ann Arbor location alone has over 70 different combinations of unit dimensions when combined with these options for temperature, light, and electricity. Our Grosse Ile location has more than 35 different pricing options to accommodate all the different features we offer.

All this means two things to the customer:

1— We have the specialty storage unit for you! Talk to us about your specific storage needs and see how we can best help you meet them.

2— That’s way too many options to post all our prices online! It’s far too confusing a number to sift through to find what best works for you.

For some customers that extra foot of width or height, or an extra light, or a mechanized door makes all the difference in the world. Others just want to know the price of our 10 x 10 and that’s enough. Whichever description best fits you, we encourage you to use our automated quote system to find the price of our unit that closest fits your needs. Then talk to our local storage manager to see if there are certain features available that better suit your needs.

We thank you for considering Pirates Cove Self Storage and look forward to serving your storage needs.”

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